5 Yoga Props You Don't NEED (but I LOVE).


So what kind of role does yoga play… Well, along the way it will teach you how to control your consciousness, calm your own mind down, find a center, and get your body into harmony inside yourself so that you can start to see how it all is, and start to experience compassion for yourself and for others around you.

-Ram Dass

Yoga has nothing to do with ‘material things’ but these are a few of the props I use to help deepen my asana practice.

  1. Manuka Pro Yoga Mat. I am a huge fan of this brand and prefer the heaviest and extra long mat for my home practice, but it is very bulky and not very portable. I use the eKO Superlite travel mat along with the Yogitoes Mat Towel for for taking to a class. I also use the Manduka Mat Carrier as my yoga strap. If you prefer your mat to be a normal weight and thickness I’d recommend their ProLite or eKo mats.

  2. FeetUp Traier. This allows me to safely practice inversions and build my core strength and it’s beyond fun and super easy to use!

  3. Yoga Egg Blocks. These rounded blocks are heavenly and crazy relaxing to use with heart opening stretches. Unless you are a really big guy, just be sure to get the junior size!

  4. Apple AirPods. I learned at the Island Yoga retreat just how impactful music can be for your practice. Ever since, one of my favorite things to do is pop in my airpods and free flow to my favorite music!

  5. Pranamat. I love to end my practice with this therapeutic massage mat.

For my home practice I prefer an Online Yoga Class with Rachel Brathen and Yogagirl.com also offers free classes every week. I also highly recommend working through the Chakra Balancing: A Guide to Healing and Awakening Your Energy Body.

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