A very HAPPY Anniversary!


During a beautiful conversation with a friend yesterday, I was reminded that it’s been about a year since posting about how the fear and pain of abandonment from my childhood had haunted me for decades. Gradually through growing awareness, I saw how it had been negatively impacting my life. It has been a long slow road of daily prayer, meditation, reading and reflecting to progress to where I am emotionally today.

Our family is currently in the middle of an extended set of circumstances that, five years ago when this picture was taken, would have been extremely difficult to manage emotionally. It has all the triggers and trappings of fear that once terrified me. To be honest, I struggled with the thought of taking on such a challenge, but committed myself to use this time to THRIVE!

The past has no power over the present moment.
— Eckhart Tolle

I could either continue to let the past torture me and let the negative mental patterns deplete me, or I could try something new and embrace an optimistic outlook! After seven weeks, and only a few bad days (it’s about progress, not perfection), I’m almost giddy to report that all is well! I’m truly happier than ever. I realize several factors—that I will share soon—play a part in this!

I’ve read for years that thoughts create our reality. And now, I’m beginning to believe it! I can either choose to play the role of the victim or choose thoughts that empower, uplift and inspire me each day! These choices are here all the time, every day. Awareness is the key.

Thank you for being here with me, supporting and loving me along the way. I am deeply grateful for each of you and can’t wait to share with you what this new year has in store!

Image: Yan Palmer

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