The Atlas of Emotions.

I’m so grateful for the beautiful souls behind The Atlas of Emotions project and the incredible interactive resources they have created. We have spent the past year working through these tools with our children.

The simple, but not easy, goal of this Atlas is to help us be aware of our emotions. Awareness of our emotions means understanding how they are triggered, what they feel like and how we respond. Awareness itself is a strategy, it helps us understand our emotion experiences. We do not want to get rid of our emotions, we want strategies that help us respond in helpful, constructive ways.
— Atlas of Emotions

Last January, we began with an intensive study of each of the five major emotions. We focused on one a week and the appropriate responses each levels of intensity. I did my best in adapting the materials for our children’s developmental levels and created age appropriate activities. They performed mini plays for each emotion, discussed patterns in their own emotional responses to common triggers and developed ideas on how to process each.

Here are few samples from their emotion journals:

We begin our homeschool day with a quick study and oral retelling of one impediment (a blocking a positive emotion) or an antidotes (reversing negative emotions) of their choosing. A quick fruitful discussion usually follows and serves as a helpful touch point throughout the day when they encounter some of the more difficult emotions.

It is fascinating to see how easily they absorb the material and are able to identify their different emotions states. It is our intention that these tools with continue to serve them and become easier to use as they continue to mature and develop.

They are currently developing an Atlas for Children! More info can be found on Indiegogo.

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