Natural Cold Sore Treatment


Natural Cold Sore Treatment

Organic Ozonated Oil

I want to shout from the rooftops about this amazing natural cold sore treatment! My kids all began presenting symptoms last year and we had since taken anti viral medications on a regular basis. This was less than ideal for us for a variety of reasons. Then I found the most wonderful natural product that reduces an outbreak in ONE DAY! When one appears, we apply the oil every few hours and it fades away and is gone by the next day!

These ozonated oils are made with certified organic ingredients and, treat an amazing amount of skin conditions:

Skin Cuts & Rashes
Wrinkles & Age Spots
Swollen gums

Bug Bites & Stings
Sunburns or Itchy Skin
Bacteria & Fungus
Diaper Rash
and more...

The only complaint from the kids is they don’t like the smell, so I’m excited to checkout out the sample pack, for the other oil types and scents!

For prevention, we are huge fan of the Quantum Health brand. I take the Super Lysine Immune Support supplements, the Super Lysine + Immune Support, Liquid Extract Drops are great for the kids, and Super Lysine+ ColdStick is better for traveling, since it doesn’t require refrigeration.

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