Learning to fly.


Sometimes motherhood makes me feel as though I'm lost at sea--drifting in and out of days; floating from one snack time to the next. I forget where I'm headed and get tripped up on what seems like endless amounts of sibling arguments. Last week, I could barely catch my breath in between their squabbles and constant requests for food. 

While I was journaling this morning, searching for a beacon of light on this voyage, I was reminded of a passage I read last week that described parenting as walking alongside our children helping them navigate the miraculous journey into adulthood. For inspiration, I re-visited this list of qualities--what we're working toward--up on my vision board and posted it next to this picture of the kids happily playing together: 





Kind & Cooperative

Loving & Compassionate

Joyful learners

Internally motivated


Emotionally balanced

Original Source

These are the qualities we hope our children leave the nest with. They provide the anchor I need to see past the difficult moments. The vision of where we are headed gives me the hope to rise above the monotonous day to day challenges of raising and educating our three beautiful children and helping them learn to fly.