Raising the iGen/Gen Z Generation.


Sometimes it feels like I'm unintentionally pursuing a Ph.D. in parenting: I find myself spending countless hours of 'research' leading to (oftentimes) more questions than answers. Lately, I've run across several sources discussing contemporary questions: 'How can we appropriately introduce our children to technology?' and 'How should we reinterpret the modern education system?'

The most thought-provoking ideas, for me, come not from the countless parenting books I've gone through over the years, but from seemingly random and obscure sources. Our society is rapidly changing, causing me to reflect on my own work as a parent and what it means to raise children in the iGen/Gen Z generation. Not so ironically, I had to Google what they are calling this new generation.  

I find this to be simultaneously amazing and daunting.

Our children are growing up in a world I couldn't even imagine at their age. The opportunities that technology, access, and information present today are almost indescribable.  And yet here we are, navigating the complicated world of smart phone addiction, social media insanity and on-demand 'everything', while simultaneously trying to become the parents we want to be. 

I'm going to explore some of these questions in a few more posts. I don't have many answers.  But as I see these themes come from different sources, I notice them pointing in the same direction regarding parenting! I'm excited to be a part of the discussion as we all work together in raising this new generation.

We'll start with this video Josh recently sent me about millennials.  I think it provides exceptional perspective on the many "challenges" of the millennial generation that we all see playing out in today's society. Cue your smartphones... it's worth watching! 

I love this for two reasons: first, I think Simon Sinek explains some of the differences people see in millennials in a non-judgmental, productive way.  Second, it makes you wonder how to apply these lessons to the rapidly advancing technological and cultural worlds the iGen/Gen Z children will be raised in.