"I love my Life!"


I have to tell you about my beautiful friend, Stacy, who I met on the yoga retreat last year. She radiates, peace, love and happiness! Throughout the entire retreat she would spontaneously share her joyful mantra: "I love my life!" And everyone around her was instantly uplifted by her positive energy! She is steeped in a life of gratitude. Since then I've continued to return to my dear friend (and her mantra) for advice and support. 

Staying at home with these beautiful children can be quite difficult at times.  Occasionally, I find myself looking for a release. Something to call my own and feel proud of outside the family. But with homeschooling, the logistics are tricky. Sometime late last year, I decided curating a space like this could fill that void in a way that compliments what I'm trying to do at home.  Josh was more than supportive and has been every day since then. Honestly, none of this would exist without him.  And it's been such a beautiful outlet and fun project for us both. 

But lately, I find myself dreaming up even bigger and grander goals. Ones that, if they came to fruition, would take me farther and farther from the family. And when I think these through, I see they wouldn't ultimately bring the peace and happiness I imagine when daydreaming. 

When I come up with these grand plans, Josh tries to softly redirect me. I hate it! My ego begins to implode and starts kicking and screaming, even though I know he's right. I've actually ruined date nights over it! The truth is, our life is so full that there simply isn't time to be the parents we want to be, and pursue a second career at full speed. When the reality of a 24-hour day and my own self-care needs hold me back from what I want: whether that's pursuing my interests and creative projects while being the parent I want to be, it's easy to feel frustrated and defeated.  So I do what any self-respecting adult would do: pout and fuss and let it bum me out.  My ego needs to be put in serious check sometimes. I hate that part.

That's when I call Stacy for advice and guess what... she tells me the SAME THING Josh did! I hear her remind me that I am doing enough. Here at home--exactly where I am--I am doing enough. And she's right. I don't need the ego boost that popularity or wealth would bring. All the peace, love and happiness I want are here waiting for me as soon as I redirect my focus on my family and the incredible opportunity to Return to Love

This external searching — looking to anything other than love to complete us and to be the source of our happiness — is the meaning of idolatry.
— Marianne Williamson, A Return To Love

I finally get it. 

"I love my life!" 

Now as it is. I am doing enough. I have all I'll ever need. And so are you! Give yourself permission to see that you are enough!

Photo Credit: Darya Kamalova of Thecablookfotolab.