5 Most Loved Toys.

We had so much FUN creating this collection of the kid's most loved toys. Honestly, there is not a day that goes by that some, if not all, of these items get some playtime. 

1. Colored Masking Tape. I keep these stocked all times and in as many different colors as we can find! They are by far the MOST CREATIVE tool we have in the house and the kids use this tape for EVERYTHING! More handcrafted projects have been created than I can count (or save)! Its the perfect stregth tape without leaving a residue, so it's literally all over the house! 

2. Twister Tubes. It's hard to describe how simple, yet addictively memorizing these toys are! The kids can't walk by them without shaking them around and watching the twisters form. Two 2-liter bottles, water, food coloring, glitter (optional) and the plastic connecter piece is all you need for hours of fun! 

3. Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty, Blue Moon. I wasn't so sure about this stuff, but its seriously so cool! It glows in the dark but the best part is the glow charger! 

4. Tegu Magnetic Wooden Block Set. These have been a staple in the house since a friend gifted Ben a smaller set for his 2nd birthday. He loved them so much we upgraded to the larger set and super happy we did because they still get hours of play a week! They are so versatile and the kids have fun mixing them with our favorite magna-tile set.  I love this company's social mission and how well these sustainable sourced hardwood toys have held up over the years. 

5. Indoor Snowballs. BEST INVESTMENT OF ALL TIME! These have brought our entire family countless hours of laughter and the best memories! They have been going strong for more years that I can remember and the kids still beg for snowball fights! 

These are by far the most enjoyed toys by all of our children. They are the ones we love to gift to friends because they are sure to be used for years to come!