Why We Chose a Molekule Air Purifier

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Home Air Purifier

In keeping with the theme of creating a healthy and clean home environment and our previous post on our water filtration system, today we are sharing our home air filter! 

We are huge fans of the Molekule Air Purifier. Living in a series of rental properties over the years, we've come to recognize that not all homes have the same air quality. With some research after our most recent move, we decided to add the Molekule to our home.

Our primary reason for choosing the Molekule is its cutting edge technology. Specifically, it's designed to destroy pollutants rather than collect them on a filter. Personally, I was sold on it's ability to eliminate airborne chemicals (VOCs), bacteria, mold, viruses and allgergens without producing an ozone!  

The technology inside Molekule, called Photo Electrochemical Oxidation (PECO), works at the molecular level to break down indoor air pollutants. [A blue LED] light shines on a filter membrane coated with nanoparticles, which starts a catalytic reaction on the surface of the filter. This destroys pollutants of any size.
— Molekule.com

The Molekule is also very portable, so we just unplug it and carry it to the part of the home where we'll be for most of the day: upstairs before bed and back to the main level in the morning (we typically place it near the cold air return for that floor if the A/C or furnace is running).

It also connects to wifi to automatically monitor and re-order the pre-filter and has a very slick app we use to set a timer for the functions to make sure it's not bright (it uses a UV light) or loud (the boost setting moves a lot of air) at bedtime.

It's not the cheapest option out there, but we believe it's made a difference in our air quality and are extremely glad we took the plunge on it.