Why We Chose A Pure Effect Water Filtration System.


Finding the Right Water Filter

Why we love the Pure Effects Advanced Water Filtration System.

I'm pretty sure that my kids, like me, will remember their mother's preference for filtered drinking water. Over the years, we have tried several different water filters, and spent more hours than I care to remember researching the best option for our family. Last year, we finally switched to the Pure Effects Advanced Water Filtration system and are incredibly happy with it.

These are a few reasons why we love the product: 

  • Raises/Balances pH to Alkaline - Natural alkalizing minerals such and calcium and magnesium are preserved. 
  • Retains Natural Electrolytes -  Potassium & sodium are crucial for hydrating the cells of our bodies.
  • Antioxidant Potential - Neutralizing free radicals technology.
  • Professional-Quality Filtration - Filters the widest range of contaminants.
  • UV Light Bulb - It also disinfects your water from various bacteria, viruses, parasites and cysts.
  • Customer Service - Super generous, helpful and responsive staff. 
  • Made in the USA - BPA free and every part is extremely high quality.
  • Taste - Fresh, bright and clean + our kids love it!
  • Countertop model - Perfect for our current rental - extremely easy to install and maintain.

In short, it removes everything we don't want (microorganisms, radioisotopes, heavy metals, and particulate) and corrects pH, and supports natural electrolytes and minerals. We are confident our ULTRA-DISINFECT model was worth the investment and feel grateful the whole family has safe, clean and healthy drinking water! 


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