First Communion Gift ideas.


We are so proud of our son who recently received First Communion. We wanted to give him a few unique, useful and spiritually enriching gifts which took a little extra time and effort to find. I put together a few ideas that may help if you happen to be shopping for a child special to you. 

A Missal for Children  - This beautiful leather bound book is deigned to help children better understand the holy Mass with text of the Mass Prayers on the right-hand page and find its explanation on the left. I am hoping it will be a nice guide for Ben during Mass since its still hard for him to follow along with the adult Missal at church. 

My First Prayer Book - Ironically this tiny little book, under $2, has been an answer to my own prayers. Benjamin now requests me to kneel along side him at night as he recites his prayers. Sometimes books come at just the right time and this one is just perfect! He's used it every night since receiving the blessed sacrament. 

The Mass Explained to Children - I'm really looking forward to reading though this with Ben. I'm hoping it will open up some beautiful conversations and lead to special time spent before bed together. 

A New Journal - For planting the seeds of a lifelong habit of gratitude, self-reflection and prayer. We use these Moleskin journals for each of the kids. 

A Scapular - I wasn't sure how Ben would feel about this one but he seems to really love wearing it. 

And here are a few more ideas of books have enjoyed for years now! 

The Catholic Children's Bible - This is our go-to bible for the kids and I'm so excited about the new hardback version. 

The Loyola Treasury of Saints - This is one of our favorite saint books. It's great for younger children with short, engaging and easy to follow stories. 

I saved the best for last! 

King of the Golden City - This is a simple allegory of a little maid and the gracious King. I can't recommend it highly enough and is an incredible resource for First Communion preparation. I read it aloud with each of the kids and cry every time.