Random Acts of Friendship.

Random Acts 

of Friendship.


10 fun ideas on paying it forward.

My dear friend Darcy surprised me with these gorgeous notecards in the mail! She is the magic and talent behind the Pretty Girl Designs Etsy shop. We met at Joy Prouty's photography workshop over five years ago, and became instant friends. I just adore her generous heart. She is the queen of random acts of friendship and its hard to say just how much her love and support mean to me! Thank you Darcy! You continue to inspire me and Im so grateful for your beautiful friendship! 


This spring, I've had so much fun paying it forward....  here are ten fun idea on how to surprise your friends with a little extra love!

1. Freshly picked wild flowers - super easy to come by in the spring time!

2. A gorgeous bouquets from Farm Girl Flowers - for those friends that could use a major dose of beauty in their lives! I just LOVE this company! 

3. Your favorite book - thank heavens for Amazon Prime on this one!

4. A delicious bottle of your favorite spirit - mine is Italian proseco! 

5. A favorite coffee/tea or special sweet treat - easy but can make a huge difference! 

6. A good old fashioned notecard - we all love still snail mail, right?!

7. Dropping off a meal or hosting a last minute dinner - a little more work but my personal favorite!

8. A phone call - being there to just listen is what friendships is all about.

9. A lovely out of the blue gift - these are the gifts that keep on giving beautiful reminders of my most treasured friendships. 

10. An encouraging text or message - don't underestimate the power of a funny meme!


These days social media makes it pretty easy to know when your friends could use a little pick me up. Such a lovely reminder of how fun and easy it is to spread a little love and be there to cheer a friend up when they need it most!