A Homeschooling Vision.


A Homeschooling Vision.

We strive to provide our children with an education rich in creative activities of the spirit. We feel inspired to construct an atmosphere capable of nurturing their free minds and fostering their inner values. We focus on creating plenty of learning opportunities with an abundance of truth, goodness and beauty. 

Receive the children in reverence, educate them in love, let them go forth in freedom.
— Rudolf Steiner

We find that for our kids' current ages and personalities, and our transient military lifestyle, the efficiency of completing the curriculum at home allows them to spend more time exploring their interests. We are hopeful our children will develop a clear sense of their own identify and confidence in exploring their passions and pursuing their purpose.  

It goes without saying that its not always easy and when we find ourselves astray we return to the vision, reorient and head back in that direction. 

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