Morning Wellness Routine.




A Morning Wellness Routine



Gratitude + Intention + Peace + Self-love 



One of my 2018 goals is to have FUN caring for myself while strengthening a positive & healthy mind + body + soul connection. I've learned it has to be more than a checklist, I have to be fully present and connected to the process to FEEL the benefits. 

Gratitude, Intention, Peace, Happiness & Self-love, my favorite way to start the day:

4:40 - Thank God for a new day, hug my husband and share coffee together.  

5:00 - Meditate using the Headspace app

5:20 - Review my monthly, weekly and daily goals in my planner

5:30 - Enjoy a hot water with lemon, turmeric & cayenne pepper while visualizing the day. 

5:45 - Journal on happiness. 

6:00 - Yoga class.

6:30 - Dry brush, shower, brush, floss, tongue scrape, mini foot massage with essential oils and make bed. 

7:00 - Start laundry.

7:15 - Healthy breakfast, glass of water and vitamins. 

7:45- Sneak outside for a quick breath of fresh air. 

8:00 - GO TIME!

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