Redefining Our Love Languages.





Twelve Years later


One of the best dates nights we've had in awhile was at home after the kids were in bed. We cooked up a yummy meal, snuggled by the fire and dove into our (recently completed) 5 Love Language quizzes. We first took one of these quizzes in 2006, about a year into marriage. 12 years later, we had a hunch things had changed a little. 

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The 5 Love Languages Quiz*

We exchanged results and worked through each question asking the why behind the response. Specifically, how could we 'speak' the desired love languages in our everyday.

For example, I already knew Josh preferred "Words of Affirmation," so in the past I would write long love letters. What I learned from our discussion that night, is a text after an important day at work speaks even louder. BOOM TOWN!

From that conversation, I now have a list of six simple ways I can better love and encourage Josh throughout the week!


*Quizzes for both relationship and singles are available.  

Photo Credit: Darya Kamalova of Thecablookfotolab. 

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