Cultivating New Friendships

Gather the Village Dinner - Richmond, VA


I spend a fair bit of time thinking about friendship, motherhood and community. In part because I have an extroverted personality and our frequent moving provides the necessity of finding new friends. I also truly believe that the need of belongingness and love is an essential component of happiness.  

As social beings, family, friendships and intimate connections get many people through the ups and downs of life. Numerous studies have shown that the healthiest, happiest people tend to be more involved in their communities.
— Abraham Maslow


The emotional benefits of friendships and positive social connections are almost too numerous to list. I find that, on a deep level, these are things I always seem to be craving more of in my life! In my ideal world we would be able to live close to family and belong to a community where we all felt supported and valued. And every time we move, I find myself searching for those ongoing social interactions and loving friendships. 

So when I saw that The Village was hosting a gathering not too far from home, I jumped at the chance to meet new friends! Krystal, the Village founder, is heading up an inspiring mission of bridging community and motherhood steeped in true fellowship and genuine connection. Sharing a lovely meal and soulful conversation with these women was such a gift! I love these ladies and am so grateful for their continued friendships! My only regret is we can't all live next door to one another!

How about you.... how do you cultivate new friendships? 

All images courtesy the lovely Anna Laero for The Village Mag.

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