Second Honeymoon - Where should we go?

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It's taken nearly a decade of parenting to move past my fear of abandonment and feel comfortable enough leaving the children with anyone besides my husband. We've left all the kids ONCE with grandparents for a 24 hour trip! That's one night away together with no kids in almost ten years. Crazy, right?

We've decided to seriously invest in our marriage and celebrate our anniversary in a big way this year! So....we are planning to sneak away on a vacation this summer on what I'm (perhaps a little over dramatically) calling our "Second Honeymoon."

We both LOVED our 'first' honeymoon in Belize at Coppola's resort, The Turtle Inn. It was the perfect blend of private beaches, hikes and tubing down rivers in the rain forests, snorkeling, and swimming with dolphins in the ocean. Josh loves the adventures and secluded locations and I love love love love a beautiful white beach (and a fun cocktail!). Right now we are considering somewhere in the Caribbean, Mexico or a somewhere new in South America. We need your help! 

Where should we go?
Where should we stay?
Tutle Inn, 2007.

Tutle Inn, 2007.


We'd love any and all suggestions on resorts, hotels or private rentals! Promise to mail you a postcard if we end up there! 

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