Educational Apps for Kids.


Educational Apps for Kids

We're not crazy about screens. But we don't think they're all bad, either.  Here are some apps we've found where the educational benefit are worth the trade-off:


Montessori Math Hundred Board

Montessori Movable Alphabet - Great for pre and early readers.

Montessori Geography  United States of America Map - We have these Montessori wooden puzzle maps in the classroom but the app is nice digital version. 

We only have these three but pretty much anything from Mobile Montessori is going to be a great option.


Skybrary - Great for those still learning to read.  Levar Burton and company read 100s of books aloud, with an offline feature that is great for travel. We have to keep an eye on our youngest, she likes to indulge in the educational videos!  

ChessKid - Our seven year old son used his allowance (he's never ever touched) to help pay for a gold subscription and has can hold his own with his peers in less than a month! 

Math Flash Cards - Love the simple atheistic of the Giraffe cards! The kids use these as a supplement to our math curriculum to work on speed and accuracy. They have to complete each of their sets of 10 in under 30 seconds to earn time on ChessKids. 

Khan Academy - Honesty it doesn't get used much but comes in handy when we want to dive deeper in a subject we are studying. 

Music Tutor & Skoove Piano - For extra note reading practice and self-directed piano instruction. 

Rosetta Stone - Super user friendly for the kids!


We also have an app for each of the museums we have visited. If anyone is interested, I am happy to create a separate post on all of them! We have over 15 the kids loved and truly helped increase their interest and engagement while touring the museums. Some are better than others, but they are certainly educational on their own and still get some play time with the kids, especially Time Explorers. We are touring Washington D.C. in a few weeks and hope to add some new ones here soon. Any recommendations for fun educational activities for kids ten and under?


How about you? Any apps your kids love?