21-day (micro) Wellness Retreat


One of my 2018 goals is to have fun caring for myself everyday. I kicked off the year with an amazing morning wellness routine that gradually faded away. I find every excuse in the book to avoid tending to my own needs. So before the year is over, I’m curious if it’s possible to discover a daily routine and weekly rhythm that supports my own physical, mental and spiritual health.

This isn’t about buying any new health care products, losing weight or external physical changes. It’s a personal commitment, on my part, to carve out intentional time to be still, listen and connect to loving thoughts and the belief that I am ENOUGH and worth the extra time.

Over the next three weeks, I’ll be focusing on these five pillars of health and wellness.

  • Abundant restful sleep - 8 hours/night

  • Consistent daily exercise - a mix of strength and cardio

  • Whole natural foods - and daily supplements

  • Mindfulness practice - yoga, meditation and prayer

  • Loving relationships + lots of laughter!

I don’t have a solid plan other than spending each day devoting a manageable amount of time to each of the five areas with the intention of developing healthy habits that will carry over into the new year! I’ll be doing this work in between the normal everyday life of homeschooling the kids, so it’s not a retreat in the normal sense. But, those times in the day where I am working towards my own goals will hopefully feel like a luxurious micro retreat! Or maybe not, we’ll see. I’m going into it with an open mind and heart and genuine curiosity of where it may lead!

I’ll be starting this Monday! If you are in the area and would like to join me for workouts, yoga, healthy meals or extra encouragement over the next few weeks, I’d love for you to join in the fun! Otherwise, you can find me over on Instagram for daily updates!

Cheers to HEALTH my friends!

Photo Credit: Angela Newton Roy

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