social media detox.

I'm coming off a week of a social media detox and I feel a bit more rejuvenated and focused. 

Don't get me wrong, I love FB, Pinterest and Instagram. I treasure the beautiful connections and friendships I have made over the years. I grew concerned, however, when I found myself checking up on my social media feeds at all hours of the day and for all lengths of time. It just became too much for me. It was hindering my ability to 'live in the moment' - to focus on and connect with those most important to me. I wanted a little break to feel what life was like without my phone always in hand. 

The first two days were rough, but it slowly got easier, and the temptation to check my phone every time I transitioned from one activity to the next slowly faded. And by the time I woke up on Saturday, I was actually relieved that I didn't need to check for emails, texts, and the updates on all of the social media feeds. Instead we read books on the couch, enjoyed a nice family breakfast and a nice relaxing start to the day.

I am so grateful for all of the friends that took time to connect and cheer me on! Many beautiful things blossomed over the last week. Not only was I more invested in spending quality time with my children and husband, I also managed to set my phone down for 39 hours and raise nearly $240 to support UNICEF's Tap Project. I also started and am half way through a 16 hour Lightroom course and organized, cataloged, and back-up my entire photo library!

Now, that I finished my detox, I'm looking forward to finding a healthy balance of social media throughout my day. I'd like FB, Pinterest and Instagram to be a place I can share and learn. And a positive community where I post only things that are 'true, kind AND necessary' and highlight the blessings I see throughout my everyday. I hope that the world of social media can serve as a shining light where we can see the beauty, truth and goodness in others instead of a distraction from "living in the moment". I'd so much rather be savoring time with family.

Ok, I'm starting to sound way too preachy, I'll stop. But, if you have felt challenged to find a healthy balance of social media and are looking for some ideas and direction..check out the comments on the Becoming Healthy post - there's some amazing stuff there. Thank you to all of the beautiful ladies for sharing with us and letting your own light shine so that we can more clearly see through the sometimes clouded and messy world of social-media!

And since I'm on a roll on kicking out bad habits and becoming healthier, I'll be tackling food, diet and nutrition this week! I picked up Green for Life at our local library. Anyone care to join me for a green smoothie?