becoming healthy.

I have a bit of an addiction to social media. I crave Instagram like some people may indulge in sugar, nicotine, or food. Throughout the day, I carelessly check Facebook, and cheat myself and my family out of precious quality time. I'm not arguing about the benefits and positive aspects of social media, but I haven't been able to find a healthy balance, and it's become a quick escape from reality that severely hinders my productivity and ability to stay connected and invested in the present moment. 

I also confess to being a crazy list maker and have several calendars, to-do lists, blog planners, and random notebooks with ideas and tasks I hope to accomplish. When Audrey started school last fall, I spent several hours planning out a typical week and never once stuck to my well-thoughout schedule. Check it out, I actually thought I would wake up and do yoga before the kids woke up! 

I have loads of ambition and often lack the self-disciple to follow through. I even bought a fancy new weekly calendar thinking that would help keep me on track. And again it remained partially empty and not much changed in the way I spent my time. I am one of those people that expect results without committing to changing. I have to actually DO THE WORK, if I want to see a difference in my life. 

After taking Lara Casey's Challenge, I listed my top distraction as social media. And so that's where I will start to make some serious changes. Yesterday, I removed the Facebook app from my phone and this week I am taking a bit of a social media vacation. Instead of checking my IG feed every time I walk by phone, I will jot down a few things in my gratitude journal. And the next time I feel tempted to check Facebook I'm going to grab a book and read to my children.

I'm committed to removing activities that waste my time and don't help me become a better wife, mother, daughter, artist and person. I'll replace that time loving my family and surrounding myself with inspirational and positive friends in my life! I'm choosing Joy over distraction this year!

How is your 2014 going? I'd love to hear your tips on how you cut out unhealthy habits in your life. 

Off to read more tips on productivity over on Design Aglow and social media time management. Enjoy your day my friends. I'll check in next week and let you know how my social media fast went!