a journey into film - day 71.


I know some of the artistic elements that need improving in my work and have been focusing specifically on creative composition in my images. I've been giving the whole, "practice, practice, practice" the old college try with very little progress. 

Remember, when I tried forcing the issue, got frustrated and nearly gave up?

Then, I picked myself up again and thought maybe pre-visualiztion and a few sketches would do the trick. These are the film scans from that practice family session and honestly I don't think that any of them really 'work'. 

Certainly, nothing mind-blowing going on there. 

But here's where the story gets a whole lot better:

I get the most amazing email with Yan Palmer's portfolio review for the Yan Fam Way workshop and in the most loving of ways, she sees right into my artistic soul and sets me straight. 

After spending about an hour on the her homework assignment, I was able to identify some of the creative composition elements I'd like to see more of in my work, and how I plan to incorporate them:

  • Fully embrace the negative space in the frame
  • Creating greater distance from the subject to incorporate environmental elements
  • Cropping closer (even if it means chopping heads, this is hard for me)
  • Using environmental barriers such as walls to isolate the subjects
  • Placing subjects on the outer edges of the frame
  • Reflections 
  • Silhouettes

And here is where, until the film scans come back from the lab, you are going to have to trust me on this one, but after a session this weekend, the digitals are enough to know that I've made progress! I promise to share more soon, including the most liberating advice Yan gave me that I think I will carry forever and always, because it's just that darn good!

How about you, how do you push yourself forward in your work? If you are up for sharing, I'd love to hear!