Hi Friends! Welcome to a whole new marawolff.com. I've come to believe that my playing small does not serve the world, and so I'm making big changes and AIMING HIGH!

It is my highest honor to help you document childhood and celebrate motherhood! Together we will have fun, learn and grow, encourage one another and create beautiful tangible memories of the joy, beauty and happiness unique to your family.  

It's about progress and not perfection! And today marks the beginning of a beautiful new journey for us all. 

I will begin, like always, in gratitude. For my husband, who's unconditional support has taught me that all things are possible with LOVE. For my precious children, who have blessed me with the gift of motherhood and reveal to me the sacredness of childhood each and everyday. To my family and friends who have always believed and encouraged me. And finally, to all of the amazing families that entrusted me with the honor of documenting the beauty I see in each and everyone of you! For all of those whom I have yet to meet, if my light can brighten your life in even the smallest of ways, I will be eternally grateful. Thank you for being here and I look forward to creating many JOYFUL memories with you all!

A sneak peek at my brand new home office. 

A sneak peek at my brand new home office. 


I've got BIG things in store, so check back tomorrow for an inspiring post chock FULL of tips and step-by-step instructions on how to create beautiful family photo albums. 

And in case you want to keep up with the all the Wolff Family happenings, I will continue to blog about my sweet little ones over on the A+B+A blog

Much Love and Gratitude, 

Mara Wolff