a lesson in creative cultivation.

I hit a major creative block. Actually it was more of a self-imposed learning barricade. Last year, I almost sold my contax 645 and truly abandoned my journey into film, but then santa surprised me with another film camera. I quickly hid it in a closet. I had become so depressed with my progress in learning to shoot film and define my photographic style and voice, that I nearly gave up.  Around February,  I finally decided I needed an intervention to save my languishing creative self. 

It took several months to work up the courage to ask for help. I remember telling Josh, I wasn't sure exactly why, but I knew this just felt right. He agreed, and we booked a private workshop with Darya, of thecablookfotolab

I invited Audrey and Benjamin to join me. Our handsome son opted to stay home with dad, but Audrey gladly accepted and offered to model! I was ecstatic on so many levels! I am continually seeking out ways to help each of our children feel valued and loved. Audrey's love language happens to be special time (usually we choose activities she's interested in) but I knew there would be cats there so it was a win-win! I was also super psyched to offer her a lesson in life-long learning and how to develop one's passions and creative callings. It was incredibly powerful having her there watching her mama taking notes, asking questions, experimenting, making mistakes, laughing and loving every moment! On the long drive, to and from, we discussed different learning styles, the idea that 'classrooms' can be what you create them to be and how blessed we are to live in an age with virtually endless possibilities for self-directed education. 

These are a few of my images, Darya so seamlessly helped set up and direct. 


I was blown away at how well Audrey rocked it! It was a long day and she hung into the very end! We both left on a collaborative creative high! 


Special thanks to Darya (you already know how much I adore your creative soul) and to her husband for his support and their beautiful cats who so generously entertained Audrey.