You can imagine my delight when, I opened the door to discover this box on the front porch.


After fours years of procrastination our first family album is finished! I couldn't be happier with Artifact Uprising.

with gratitude. 

with gratitude. 

The album is gorgeous. I adore the simple templates and minimalistic layout and design. I began with 2008, the year our first baby, Audrey, was born. I found the idea for the dust jacket design here. I would have preferred to include, The Wolff Family, in a smaller font below the title. It wasn't an option using the their software. I'll have to spend some time in photoshop for the next book. 


I am simply smitten with this company and their products. Without question, I'll be adding the wooden album boxes to my Christmas list this year. 


We chose the 8.5 inch square hardcover book with a gunmetal grey linen cover.  Although there are less than 60 pages (I didn't take many pictures that year) each one is perfection, made of 100% recycled paper. I love the small fibers in the paper – each a "beauty mark of a better choice for the environment". My only wish is they would offer a 10 or a 12 inch square album size because I can't get enough of the soft beautiful pages.


I'm a bit over protective of the book. I'd like to order two of each year, one to store in a fire proof box, and the other to keep out for the kids to enjoy throughout the years.


They love looking through it. Audrey wants to go back to the house in Virginia and they keep getting confused, thinking Audrey's baby pictures are of Adeline.


How about you, do you let the kids handle your photo books? 

photo credit: artifact uprising

photo credit: artifact uprising

I look forward to finishing up the next four albums (2009-2012) and maybe I'll even get around to an album of our honeymoon and the 365 PHOTO project from last year. 

Check out the color options for the linen covers! Should I switch it up a bit and try a new color? If so, which one? Too many amazing colors to chose from. I'm thinking maybe one of each?