daily schedule.

I've mentioned before Audrey's love of art and my constant struggle to keep the house organized. Here's a perfect example of how we were able to join forces and come up with a new daily schedule. After reading these books, Audrey and I came up with a system to help make the daily routine a bit smoother and transitioning between activities a bit easier. I am hoping if the children are aware of what will be happening throughout the day they will be less likely to pitch a fit when its time to move onto the next activity. And in all honesty this idea was born out of total desperation from the crazy amounts of power struggles and tempter tantrums over silly things like washing hands before dinner. 


I did a quick pinterest search and couldn't find an easy setup I could buy or print out so we developed our own picture cards. I of course wanted Audrey to take a polariod of each activity but given the option she said she would rather draw the pictures herself. Yes, I've learned to pick my battles and I really wanted her to take pride and ownership in this new system. We also agreed that we would add labels. Total side note: she loves trying to read based on the sound of the first letter.  Always looking for new ways to develop her emerging reading skills.  

She and I spent time working on a list of things we would include. I assured her walking down the steps to come downstairs wasn't necessary. But cuddle time was nonnegotiable. And who could resist this picture of her and I cuddling on the couch.


After I laminated them we added a little washi tape and Audrey promptly put them in order on the fridge. Each morning we talk about the day and reorganize the cards to include any new activities we have planned. There is a small magnet on the current activity and I try and remember to give them a heads up before we are getting ready to move onto the next thing. Sometimes I even sing the most annoying transition song her preschool teacher uses at school, "Five more minutes, five more minutes to play, five more minutes and we will put the toys away (or wash our hands for dinner, ect.)". She and Ben love it and it works like a charm. Like I said I'm desperate. I'd do almost anything for willing and happy participates in cleaning the toys!


Only time will tell if the new system will help. But, if it doesn't I'll chalk it up to a fun time crafting with Audrey. I'll certainly be saving some of the drawing - they are too precious. Check her and daddy 'rus-housing' aka, rough housing. That's her riding on daddy's back. 


Benjamin seems to like the idea of the new schedule but baby sister isn't so much a fan since she can't chew on the cards.


For all those with toddlers out there, any tips on making transitions throughout the day easier? I'd love to hear your thoughts.