family portraits - 2013.

I am convinced that no matter how long and hard you prepare for family pictures, especially with three aged five and under, there will always be a certain element of chaos.

First, there's the wardrobe. This year, the online shopping, so meticulously thought out, arrived a day TOO LATE, resulting in three last minute hectic trips to the mall.  Then, clothing sensitivities in the oldest child produced some more last minute changes, much to her mama's chagrin. Through all the chaos, I neglected to iron Ben's pants or put on my wedding ring.

Then you have the hair.  Unable to get an appointment with my hairdresser, I ended up burning my forehead with the curling iron while trying to get my bangs to cooperate. 

Finally, you've got to worry about the weather.  We arrived at the site and met up with the photographer just in time for the sprinkles to begin.  (There went the hour I spent with the flat iron trying to control the frizz…. unfortunate time to run out of hair spray.)

We ended up forgetting the hand warmers in the car and had a "resistant" child who, despite the best of bribes (her entire bag of Halloween candy), spent much of the session trying to hide. Ben found a tree frog and wouldn't let it go - no way we were going to win that battle.  We were just grateful he didn't see the earthworms that were out. 

Despite all the craziness, it's hard to tell any of that was going on in the pictures.  The "hassle" was challenging, but produced memories we already treasure.  All told, it was well worth time and effort and produced a HUGE improvement over last years last minute attempt





This year, I am so grateful we ditched the tripod and sought the expertise of a professional photographer. Thank you so so so much, Lacy Johnson.  You are a miracle worker and we will forever cherish the beautiful images you took for our family!