the season of giving.

with the holiday season fast approaching, our family is looking for ways we can share our time and talent with those most in need. we strive to show our children the JOY that can be found in helping others. this year, we will be preparing and serving dinner at a homeless shelter in Olympia for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  

The most beautiful Mikkelsen Family. 

The most beautiful Mikkelsen Family. 

i am always most excited when i can find ways to fuse my passion for photography with service. and so this year, i'm offering Christmas Card portrait sessions to support one of our favorite charitable organizations.  

after graduating from college, i served two years as a Lasallian Volunteer, apart of the national Americorp volunteer program. 

"the volunteers empower the poor by personalized service primarily through education. Lasallian Volunteers change the world for the better and discover themselves transformed in the process." 

as a volunteer, i taught second grade in an inner-city school in Manhattan while living in community with Christian Brothers. During my second year, I met and fell with love with Josh, and the rest is history, as they say. fast forward 10 years and three babies and i am still so grateful to have been apart of such an awesome faith-filled organization. this year they are celebrating 25 years of service and i'm answering the call to support their mission.     

if you, too, would like to give back this season and square away your Christmas Cards all at the same time, i'm your girl. i'm offering up a handful of family portrait sessions*...if you are interested in more details, leave a comment below or private message me in the HELLO tab above. as apart of your charitable donation, will you receive beautiful family pictures, you can treasure for years to come, and you too will have joined in the season of giving!


*The proceeds will benefit the Lasallian Volunteer Organization.